CFM Educational Services

Founded in 1991 in the Silicon Valley, CFM Educational Services (CFM) for three decades partnered with universities and educational organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia to establish, manage, and recruit for both academic and training programs specifically designed to meet the needs of international students. Programs ranged from Business Administration and Management, TESOL, Educational Administration, Montessori Childhood Education, Sports Management, Emergency Management, etc. at various levels of academic degree and professional certification. CFM has accumulated extensive experience in providing credible international education and reliable student services.

Most recently since 2013, CFM has been devoting in the development and management of short-term academic enrichment programs for young learners by partnering with institution entities at UC Berkeley and the Silicon Valley education community. Our students select the program that best fits their own academic and professional goals, staying up to date with global trends and developing competency across a variety of disciplines - such as architecture, business, engineering, humanities, law, programming, social studies, and a variety of STEM subjects. Together with these outstanding academic enrichment programs, “CFM Summer @UC Berkeley” is a trustworthy representation of education quality and integrity.

Our Mission

It is through education that we hope to make an impact on our society and individual lives. We do education with integrity.

What Our Students and Parents Said

This morning, I was thrilled to discover that I’m admitted to UC Berkeley, and I want to say that I am really grateful for the experience at ATDP and your kind help and advice. I couldn’t thank you enough. The one month stay there truly changed me greatly. Not only did ATDP teach me advanced knowledge of the subjects that I like but also help me set my goal to study abroad more firmly! The experience at the program really helped me when I was writing the application essays and activities. I really learned a lot, no matter from Professor Vann and Professor Phillips or the volunteer work at the Food Collective. Berkeley has became my dream school ever since I returned from the program, and now that I’m really admitted, my feelings are beyond words. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and please also tell Florey that I, my mother, and my aunt and uncle all appreciate your help as well. They are all very happy for me too! I will continue to put every effort in my work, and I couldn’t have come this far without your help. Thank you very much!!

— Joshua

I hope this email finds you very well after the tough task for taking care of those teenage adults. Chloe has been back for about a week and she has been missing those good days in UC Berkeley very much. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you and your ATDP team for all of these arrangements in this special summer, which really provide Chloe an incredible memory and rich enlightenment to her future life. Thanks a lot again for this special summer to her and our family.

— Chloe’s father

Thanks for your sharing which we can see the full picture and know some stories behind. As parents , we really appreciate what you have done for the project. So lucky my daughter Cloris joint ATDP, as there is a professional team to manage it. All the activities and logistics support details reflect your passion, considerable and love for the children. Thank you! Though I don't know whether my daughter is in "some" of the students who gave up the special Chinese style breakfast, as parents actually we are shame of those students with the behaviour. Just as you mentioned in before mail, ATDP is not a summer camp, it's a REAL life of study and living in United States. It's a good experience for the children to warm-up for their future learning life in States. ATDP is not only a project which only lasts 4 weeks, actually it's a "Start" of the children future academy journey. The children will learn from the experience, not only the academy curriculum, but also how to be a person who contribute more to the the community and change the world! Hope Cloris enjoy the rest 2 weeks in ATDP and take more learning back. Again appreciate your effort for the project!

— Cloris' father

Thank you for the weekly updates, and really appreciate all you did for the students. Especially I was touched for your effort to prepare a traditional Chinese breakfast to the kids, I hope they should learn to be grateful for all your efforts. Thank you again for what you taught, all you did to let them be a better one. I saw Lawrence posted things in WeChat these two days which I can feel his sad for leaving soon, looks he really enjoyed the 1 month study and school life, I think all kids had a wonderful time in Berkley, and you deserve thousands of thanks from parents. Thanks again, and hope he can have another opportunity to be back to Berkley again.

— Lawrence’s Mother

Reading the newsletters from CFM, I witness how happy and concentrated students were when they had the ADTP classes. Parents' positive responses also relieved me and gave me confidence to recommend your programs to prospective students next summer. I appreciate your efforts and devotions to bringing the best out of these future leaders!

— Kate

We woke up early to watch students' presentation in terms of the summer study. That was amazing and awesome! Whenever I saw Katy's status updated on Facebook, we were happy to see that she had new friends. That is the interests we think a summer camp will bring the joyfulness and fun. That’s the life for those youths. I will take the chance to thank you again! From my perspective, this camp indeed is a very nice experience for her.

— David

I was incredibly impressed with CFM! My son was placed in their care for two weeks and I felt as if I left him with a close relative. They offer a very caring and supportive environment. It was so reassuring to know that counselors and project managers have such extensive background and are prepared very well for the kids. My son really enjoyed it and asked if he could return next year. I strongly recommend their service. They are truly amazing!!

— Donna

We are Natalie's parents. We really appreciate what you and your colleagues have done this summer during ATDP program. It's a great and unforgettable experience for Natalie. She told us a lot of things in these four weeks, knowing many many new friends. She has confirmed to take architecture as her major, and UC Berkeley is her primary target university. She is now working very hard on this. Here we want to say thanks again to whole ATDP team who organized such wonderful program.

— Natalie’s parents

As a parent, I feel gratitude for your outstanding course which brought my son a wonderful learning experience this summer. Through this course, he acquired the knowledge of American education system and truly felt the extinguish school environment. He also learned the decent American culture. My son has strong determination of pursuing the further study in America, and I believe this great experience will provide him a good start and enhance his confidence. I hope his dream can come true in the near future. Sincerely thank you!

— Y.T.

In OFK summer program, I have learn about the Geometry. So I can improve my math and also I learn about the way that USA in class. I learned how to take a picture that use in the newspaper and try to sue Photoshop and edit the picture to put in the newspaper. Specially math is harder, but the teacher is good, so she let us understand how math works. I have lot more fun in OFK summer program!

— Tom

My husband and I would like to say thank you to you and all the CFM staff members for taking care of Caroline for the past 2 weeks. She really enjoyed meeting new friends from all over the world and learning new things at the same time. I hope you have a great summer.

— Fonny

Glad to inform that Tiffany has arrived home safely this morning. Thank you so much for your team and your special care towards Tiffany. I hope that we can have a chance to meet up next time when you return to Taipei in upcoming January. Even though we haven't officially met but you feel like a very old friend to me. My husband and I would like to show my sincere appreciation face to face with you for everything that you have supported to Tiffany. I think that Tiffany should have learned a lot from this summer program with ATDP. I really cherish your kindness towards Tiffany not only during her illness but also your life experience sharing just like a god mother to her.

— Tiffany’s mother

Thank you for the great experience you have brought to us in the past few weeks that had made my first trip to the USA memorable and wonderful in many ways. I will miss Arthur who is always really funny and nice to me and treated me as his brother. My parents also wanted to thank you for giving me many chances to become more familiar to college applications, and for taking care of me in the program. I will always remember your enthusiasm and your famous quote of "the flowers of tomorrow are from the seeds of today", and I will continue to work hard to make my parents and you proud!

— Artkey

In these 2 weeks, I think I have learned lots of things such as how to make new friends, confidents, Photo Shop and more. From doing my magic trick, in the talent show have helped me to improve my skills to stand in front of people to do my presentation or to show my talents. I feel that going to schools with people from around there helped me to learn how to make new friends, because I had to try talk to them and introduce myself. I think learning how to use photo shop will help me when I need to make posters for out school work.

— Ryoichi

My son considered this as one of the most if not the most positive camping experience he had. He had a great time and memories and developed good friendship with other campers. And as a Mom, the staff did an excellent job in guiding and supervising the kids and were very helpful and accommodating and I felt like they treated my son as a family. Thank you CFM and more power.

— G. Azevedo