UC Berkeley

University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley, the number one public university in the U.S., is located in Berkeley, California in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a top research institution, it has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners and is a vibrant college campus that cultivates independent and liberal thinking, making it an unique learning environment. Berkeley is also a place filled with entrepreneurial spirit and a plethora of academic and human resources. Immersed in this reputable haven for four weeks is the ideal choice to challenge and nurture young talented youth.

The city of Berkeley is a 30-minute drive from San Francisco and less than an hour away from San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. The entire Northern California metropolitan area is well known for its pleasant weather and top tourist destinations. It is also a preferred destination and treasure cove for young students pursuing education abroad.

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University Highlights

public university, #4 overall in the Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report (2020)
public university nationwide, #12 overall in the World University Rankings by the Center for World University Rankings (2020-2021)
public university in the America's Top Colleges by Forbes (2019)
in the Best Colleges Rankings by U.S. News & World Report (2020)
public university, #4 overall in the Best Value Colleges w/o Aid by The Princeton Review (2020)
in Science & Engineering PhDs in the National University Rankings by Washington Monthly (2020)
nationwide, #5 overall in the Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy (2020)
chemical elements of the periodic table discovered than any other university in the world
Top 50
Among the top 50 US colleges that pay off the most by CNBC Make It (2020)
Nobel laureates affiliated with UC Berkeley, including 34 alumni (graduates and attendees) and 42 faculty
Gold, 51 Silver, and 39 Bronze medals won by students and alumni in Olympics
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education

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Graduate School of Education

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) at the University of California, Berkeley is home to a diverse group of students and faculty joined by their common interests in understanding and improving the complex world of education.

GSE provides and cultivates the very best in educational scholarship, innovation and professional leadership.

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Academic Talent Development Program

Administrated by the Graduate School of Education of UC Berkeley since 1982, ATDP offers challenging summer classes to highly motivated young scholars from the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. ATDP is officially recognized by University of California system as a college preparation program and integrated in its UC online college application platform. High school students' attending records of the program can support their readiness for college.

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ATDP Global Programs

In tandem with Berkeley's educational mission, ATDP embraces social development as a complement to the traditional academic learning by incorporating community service and outreach projects in its Global Programs, which aims to imbue global awareness and environmental consciousness in the students. ATDP Global Programs is a four-week intensive summer program that is also packed with fun weekend activities and an atmosphere of camaraderie created by Berkeley's talented and versatile college students as both the residential and academic counselors. Student alumni have strong testimonies about their achievements from the program and grown a sense of attachment to Berkeley. Parents upon their children's return have also observed them becoming more independent and self-driven for their college and career.

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UC Berkeley ATDP

Bay Area Writing Project

The Bay Area Writing Project (BAWP), based in the Graduate School of Education, is a collaborative program between University of California, Berkeley and Bay Area schools. Since 1973, BAWP has been a vital resource for teachers and schools in the Bay Area, not only in the teaching of writing but also as a model of professional development, teacher leadership and reform. Firmly rooted in the belief that successful classroom teachers are the best teachers of teachers, BAWP offers workshops for teachers, taught by teachers, throughout the school year and every summer, serving hundreds of teachers and their students each year.

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Writing Foundation for College & Career

BAWP partners with CFM Educational Services to provide a rigorous 4-week writing program for College & Career for visiting international students. WFCC aims to let students take control of different types of writing requirements throughout their college and professional careers. After the extensive and rigorous training, students will grow confidence and become not afraid of writing for life. WFCC is a residential program that also offers community service and outreach program to give students a comprehensive campus experience of studying and living like regular Berkeley students.

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Bay Area Writing Project
Lawrence Hall of Science

Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science is the country’s only science center that has an integral association with a top-tier public research university. In fact, it is internationally recognized for its innovative STEM educational programs with numerous awards, including:

  • STEM Innovation Award by Silicon Valley Education Foundation
  • ON for Learning Award by Common Sense Media
  • Distinguished Achievement Award by Association of Educational Publishers
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Lawrence Science Internship

As a partner of the Lawrence Hall of Science, CFM Educational Services prepares students for their STEM learning journey abroad at Berkeley. In this 3-week intensive program, students will participate in a variety of enriching hands-on science and engineering activities that are designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving, and to build their 21st century skills. Students will acquire new scientific knowledge from exceptional scientists and engineers.

The LSI program gives students the opportunity to explore their STEM interests and problem-solving desire while supporting their social and intellectual growth. Students will be asked to not only work hard in their classes to absorb as much information as they can, but also be open-minded about experiencing the vibrant local culture of the San Francisco Bay Area and American college campus life.

Lawrence Science Internship