WFCC Courses

Subject I (Week 1)

Essay / Personal Statement

Entrance to the top schools in the US is more competitive than ever.

We will focus on writing the essay many US colleges and universities require as part of their admissions process. We will examine the essay prompts for the Common Application, the University of California Insight Questions, and the Coalition Application. We will also look at some of the supplemental essay prompts required by some colleges require as well as some of the more unusual topics that you might encounter. We will immerse ourselves in brainstorming, writing, sharing drafts and revising our writing.

WFCC Essay/Personal Statement Course
Subject II (Week 2)

Research Writing

This course will tackle one of the most exciting and challenging kinds of writing you will encounter in college: research writing.

Explore a topic you are anxious to learn more about while refining your secondary researching skills and share your research with others!

WFCC Research Writing Course
Subject III (Week 3)


Journalism is changing. No longer confined to a newsroom, journalists report from cafes, street corners, and sports venues and all over the world. Hone your skills in this class so that you are ready to report on the go.

During this course we will explore the fundamentals of writing a strong article for the public eye. This includes developing reporting skills by learning to write breaking news, personality profiles, and opinion pieces, such as columns, editorials and reviews.

WFCC Journalism Course
Subject IV (Week 4)

Writing for Communication

Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century.

During this time we will focus on improving your understanding of culturally appropriate ways to communicate within the US in order to get what you want and need to succeed. We will explore the following genres: resumes, job search cover letters, letter of recommendation requests, business emails, and social media posting for academic and business purposes. 

WFCC Writing for Communication Course