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Master of Science in Environmental Management (MSEM)

The focus of MSEM program is to provide decision makers with the tools that are vital for improving the scientific and managerial basis for environmental decision making.  Samford’s MESM program, established and accredited almost two decades ago, was designed to address the educational needs of attorneys, engineers, corporate managers, business, educational and health professionals, environmental safety and health personnel, aerospace professionals, small business owners, and others who already hold undergraduate and/or professional degrees.

The degree program requires 36 credits and consists of twelve courses. Our graduates can pursue careers in a variety of environmental arenas, for example: environmental law, sustainable architecture, corporate sustainability, university research, green consultancy, government agency etc.

Program Highlights

  • Specially designed program that allows students to complete all 12 MSEM graduate courses and obtain their Master’s degree in approximately one year
  • Offering a concentration in Energy Management
  • Conditional admission: Without satisfactory TOEFL score, students still can be conditionally admitted by taking ESL class concurrently with the MSEM graduate courses
  • No GRE score required to apply
  • No working experience required to apply
  • No comprehensive exam or thesis required for graduation.
  • Categorized as a STEM field of study, MSEM graduates can extend their Optional Practical Training (OPT) for additional 17 months in the end of the regular 12 months.

Admissions Requirements

  • Bachelor degree from a regionally accredited university
  • TOEFL iBT90/ IELTS6.5  (optional)
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.5 and above
  • Three-year working experience (optional)
  • When needed, student may be requested for WES evaluation (course by course) on the prior non-U.S. coursework

Semester System

Fall semester begins in every August
Spring semester begins in every January

Required Courses

ENVM 501  Biological and Environmental Chemistry (3)
ENVM 502  Environmental Law and Regulation (3)
ENVM 504  Basic Toxicology (3)
ENVM 505  Environmental Sustainability (3)
ENVM 524  Environmental Geology (3)

Elective Courses

ENVM 506  Environmental Risk Assessment and Management (3) (*)
ENVM 508  Ecotoxicology for the Environmental Manager (3)
ENVM 509  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Management Issues (3)
ENVM 512  Environmental Project Management (3) (*)
ENVM 515  Endangered Species (3)
ENVM 517  Environmental Biomonitoring (3)
ENVM 527  Sociology of the Environment (3)
(Electing three courses from the list above)

ENVM 507  Technology and Management of Hazardous Materials (3)
ENVM 510  Environmental Ethics and Values (3)
ENVM 518  Environmental Litigation (3) (*)
ENVM 519  Conservation Biology and Natural Resource Management (3) (*)
ENVM 521  Risk Analysis (3) (*)
ENVM 522  Environmental Economics (3)
ENVM 529  Energy Management (3) (*)
(Electing four courses from the list above)

* Courses designated for Energy Management concentration